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Will the 21st Century Belong to China?


June 17, 2011

Is China's rise unstoppable? Powered by the human capital of 1.3 billion citizens, the latest technological advances, and a comparatively efficient system of state-directed capitalism, China seems poised to become the global super power in the coming century. But the Middle Kingdom also faces a series of challenges. From energy scarcity to environmental degradation to political unrest to growing global security burdens, a host of factors could derail China's global ascent.

To encourage public debate of the geopolitical of issue of our time, the Munk Debates will table the motion: Be it resolved, the 21st century will belong to China.

Debate Results

Pre-Debate Results

39% Pro 40% Con 21% Undecided

Post-Debate Results

38% Pro 62% Con

CON gains 22%. CON wins



Niall Ferguson

“For the next 10 or 20 years it is going to be very hard to derail China’s economic locomotive.”

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David Daokui Li

“China’s economic emergence is showcasing a new model of economic growth and interaction between China and the rest of the world.”

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Henry Kissinger

“They will have a huge demographic problem… so one shouldn't project a straight line in which China emerges as totally dominant.”

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Fareed Zakaria

“China is entering a new era but seems ideologically and operationally ill prepared for it.”

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