Remembering Peter Munk

Remembering Peter Munk

All of us here at the Debates are mourning today the passing of our benefactor and founder, Peter Munk.

Peter loved the Debates. He believed passionately that the vigorous contest of ideas made for better, clearer thinking about the big issues facing Canada and the world. He also insisted that the Debates be organized in Toronto for the enrichment of a city that had welcomed him with open arms as a young man fleeing Nazi persecution. Peter always equated the success he enjoyed in life with the freedom, openness and tolerance of our country. By giving back, he felt he was simply returning to Canada the many gifts it had bestowed on him over his lifetime.

The Munk Debates is part of his remarkable philanthropic legacy. Thanks to a $5 million endowment Peter announced last year, we look forward to staging many more Munk Debates in the years to come. We are committed to upholding Peter’s high standards and global ambitions for the Debates.

His remarkable generosity, creativity and passion for ideas will not be forgotten.    
Yours sincerely,

Rudyard Griffiths
Chair, The Munk Debates.